It's not enough that we build ideas, but conversations too. The imperative between communication and dialogue is the language we use and that both parties are capable of delivering, receiving, and further exchanging that language of choice. Pro-paganda is conscientious about building language in order to explain thoroughly our methods and exploring ideas both ancient and modern that otherwise might not have a bridge to yet explain them. This idea in itself is not new, a healthy swath of Shakespeare's works were constructed under his own linguistic imagination.

Therefore, let us inaugurate the Pro-paganda Lexicon with the term Speacreo | >v. to build, extend, augment upon one's everyday language using other languages to inspire the definitions for new ideas needed to be expressed in one's everyday language. As for the origin of its creation, it is a portmanteau, combining none other than part of the Bard's name himself with the latin word for 'to create', which is creo.